Nortek Data Services

- When data matters -

We offer a truly global solution for collecting environmental data.

We focus on providing simple and robust solutions for getting your oceanographic data from anywhere to somewhere. From the most remote and demanding environments to the comfort of your home and office.


We serve over 320 fish farming location with high quality environment data and are by many considered to be a reference standard. Our solution give quick and easy access to oxygen, salinity and current data, with equipment either mounted from the side of the cage or on a specialized buoy. In either way you have data available on the web or on your cellphone.

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Together with rock-solid hardware products, delivering data by satellite 24/7 in any weather condition you get a customizable web application. For complete control alarms can be setup to notify you of critical conditions on SMS and email. With Iridium satellite communication you can get data from anywhere regardless of local infrastructure.

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For the population of Oslo we are running a public available weather station. It is primarily in use by sailors and people doing recreational activities. The site was setup on one of the islands in the Oslo Fjord, Fyrsteilene and has been available since 2008.

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Our hardware is developed and tested to withstand the forces of nature whilst being easy to use and provide high quality data. Not an easy task, but something we take great pride in.

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